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Each year a class of outstanding women will be chosen through a competitive selection process. Every effort is made to have a diverse group, with women of all ages, economic levels and ethnic backgrounds. Successful applicants will have demonstrated through an application and interview that they have proven leadership skills and a high level of achievement in their chosen fields of work.

“I am grateful for the year I spent as a Bergeson Series Scholar, learning from the best of the business in 2005 was really just the beginning for me.  The alumni that I work with and the long term relationships that have been established because of time as a scholar are a constant reminder of how valuable the series continues to be.”
                                                                       Jessica Millan Patterson
                                                                       Chairwoman, California Republican Party


  • Criteria for Bergeson Series Candidate Evaluation

    The Board of The Marian Bergeson Excellence in Public Service Series will utilize the following criteria to evaluate Series candidates. The written portion of the application will be judged on:

    • Achievement
    • Leadership experience or ability
    • Commitment to public/political service
    • Communication skills
    • Personal & political references

    Selected finalists for the personal interview portion of the process will be judged on:

    • Communication skills
    • General presence
    • Sincerity of commitment to public service
    • Critical thinking skills
    • Problem solving ability
    • Personal & political references
  • Selection Process

    Primary consideration will be given to those candidates whom the Bergeson Series Board of Directors feel are most likely to utilize their leadership skills and political training in the public arena. Scholars will be chosen (to the extent possible) that reflect the diversity of both the California Republican women’s community and the State of California. Applicants invited to advance to a personal interview must be available in the second week of October to meet with the Scholar Selection Committee in either Northern or Southern California. The Bergeson Series Board of Directors reserves the right to select Series Scholars based upon submitted applications, in-person interviews, personal and political references, and utilizing the criteria outlined herein. Notification of acceptance to the Bergeson Series will be made in early December 2014.

    All applicants will be notified by mail indicated whether or not they have been accepted into tThe Series.  Applicants who are accepted must be available for an in person interview in either Sacramento or Orange County.

Instructions for submission of Application

Option 1: Apply by Mail

Download, print and mail one (1) completed and signed copy of the application and your resume to:

Marian Bergeson Excellence in Public Service Series
Ann Rommel, Executive Director
Scholar Selection Committee
8 Fresian
Coto De Caza, CA 92679

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Option 2: Apply Online

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